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Kingston Compact Flash Card Problems >>
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I've now had two 1 gig Kingston CF cards break and stop working, the cards appear to short-circuit internally, heating up when placed in the card reader. All data is lost, since Kingston won't try to recover data if RMA'd I ended up taking them apart to see if there was any obvious problem I could fix.

Needless to say taking CF cards apart invalidates any kind of warrenty but for the £30 odd they cost it seemed worth a punt if there was any chance of getting the images back off the card. After taking both failed cards apart the problem didn't magically fix itself (suprise!) but I'll post some pictures showing which internal chip gets hot in hopes it helps someone else.


I'll post more on this later but looking on google I couldn't find anyone with similar issues and I find it hard to believe I'm the only one who has seen broken Kingston Compact Flash cards.


SUNDAY, 10 JULY 2005
Exposing The Relationship Between Shutter, Aperture and Depth Of Field >>
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Quick tutorial to hopefully explain in simple terms the bits of a camera that can be used to create better photos and give you a better understanding of what you camera does when you set it to full auto or use a 'scene mode'. :)

From the first cameras with glass slides and a pinhole for a lens to the present high-tech cameras with 'digital film', not much has changed. The camera captures an image because the light in a scene is focused onto a light sensitive recording medium, that's all there is to it! Read on anyway as there's some other stuff that might be useful.

Anyone who's read any photography books will have seen an explanation of the relationship between shutter speed / aperture and depth of field. That's all I'm trying to do here. To start with I'll remove some of the technical words and use an analogy which may or may not help, you'll be the judge!