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What is Solid Peer?

Firstly, you might like to know what this is and how you got infected, the chances are you probably installed it without realising as it's bundled with adware supported software like Morpheus.

Essentially solid peer is software that displays targetted pop up adverts, it therefore 'knows' which websites are visited by your computer and works out how to target adverts based on that information. Not something you'd generally install by choice it has to be said!

As a side note, it appears that at least some anti-virus and anti-advert software identifies this software as 'xirc.darkwarez' so if you think you are infected with xirc.darkwarez see if you actually have sold peer installed.


Removing Solid Peer

OK, so how do we remove solid peer and uninstall it from the system so you won't get another popup? Luckily it seems that the software is quite well behaved, it should generally have created an entry in your 'Add/Remove Programs'. Simply select 'remove' and follow the prompts.

If you can't find solid peer in your 'Add/Remove Programs' or have other problems then read on.




Make Your Own Router - Secrets Revealed >>
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This page sets out to explain:

Why Do I Need A Router?

A router or router-firewall (I will use the terms interchangably, where I say 'router' I mean 'router-firewall') in the simplest sense is just something that sits between your ISP connection (be that a dial-up modem an ADSL modem or a cable modem) and allows data (e.g. the web page you are viewing) to be routed between the internet and your internal 'home network'.

Your 'home network' might be just one PC but a router allows you to block all types inbound or network related attacks, e.g. any kind of internet worm that works by connecting to RPC or DCOM ports and many other types of attacks that try to connect to you from the internet. In simple terms a firewall-router protects your PC(s) from the bad people on the internet very effectivly, you don't need to know anything about how it works or how to setup the 'firewall' side of things to be protected, most routers come configured to work well with no real setup needed.

The other main advantage to using a router is that you can leave it on 24/7 and connect any number of PCs into your network at home to all share the internet connection with minimum fuss. A router should be very stable and many people leave them on 24/7 to give them a more or less permanent connection to the internet.